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SOUL is an eco-friendly centre situated in Titirangi in the lush rainforest on the west coast of Auckland.

It is created as an environmentally friendly space to pursue a holistic, artistic, integrated organic lifestyle. Enjoy weekly classes, weekend workshops, monthly programs, teacher training opportunities and lifestyle packages that support and integrate dance, art, creativity and spirituality into everyday life.

Monday, 23 July 2012

A day at Soul

As a participant at the workstudy-program at Soul I get an experience of working at the centre in exchange for attending any Yoga and ChiKung-classes throughout the week. Today I get to do some admin work, arrange new flowers, tidy up the office, while Willa sees clients in the clinic, and later prepares for the evening Yoga class. What a peaceful environment to work and move in, what a privilege to be part of a community, created with an intention to offer a space for people to relax, release, nourish, be and learn more about the body, mind, spirit connection, in the midst of the frantic world we live in. 

with love and gratitude

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