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SOUL is an eco-friendly centre situated in Titirangi in the lush rainforest on the west coast of Auckland.

It is created as an environmentally friendly space to pursue a holistic, artistic, integrated organic lifestyle. Enjoy weekly classes, weekend workshops, monthly programs, teacher training opportunities and lifestyle packages that support and integrate dance, art, creativity and spirituality into everyday life.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Every Day Lie Resting

Every day
lie resting

what is needed
to be more comfortable

let go of the past and future

open the room of yourself
to the day of this breath

open the skin to the air
to the light

let the undersurfaces of the body
open    into   shadows

let the whole body fill
and open to the breath

stretch     roll    yawn     dream

let     the     thoughts     dissolve      and     spread     themselves

each day find a new question

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